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Maya Rimer Participation Specialist


 The "Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter" is a facilitation practice made up of different methodologies and human Technologies designed to harness self organization, collective intelligence and our personal passion and responsibility to create a new type of interaction.With an active international practitioners network, Art of Hosting is used in Corporate Board rooms and Activist communities, in large

the Art of Participatory Leadership Training, Tel Aviv, 2014

group conferences and family settings- and is based on Questions and Invitations. Participation is key, and as a Host our aim is not to be the know-it-all expert but to create a safe, inviting, fun space for every member of the group to show up in their own unique way. 

Art of Hosting is becoming ever more relevant in our increasingly unstable environment, where solutions, transformations and partnerships are increasingly complex.  
We can work with the unknown, dancing between Chaos and Order, inviting in our feelings and dreams as well as improving our working relationships and becoming more productive. 

Using Methodologies and Teachings invented in the last few decades such as Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry and much more we can design and implement transformative processes which allow for new and surprising things to be born. 

Learn more about The Art of Hosting on the official website, including trainings and workshops all over the world.

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