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   A learning journey is about taking time together away from our operational environment to go deeper into a process, question or transition in our group.  Meeting ourselves and others in a more relaxed setting, away from the 'day to day' creates space for meaningful conversation, a new way of looking at things and an oppertunity for uninterrupted group process and work.   

   Being close to Nature is very helpful in Learning journeys, and often allows people to strip away a few layers.  There is also much to learn from the natural world around us. 

   A learning Journey is an emergent process - which means through our work together things come up, than are addressed and work shopped. We know some of the themes and issues going in, but encourage each person to bring their point of view, thoughts and feeling, than work with what comes.

Eko Project Learning journey, Northern Greece, 2017, maya rimer

Eko Project Learning journey, Northern Greece, 2017

learning jurney workshop,Greece
Project 06

Kibbutz Ketura, Israel, 2015

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