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Maya Rimer Participation Specialist


   Often in operational settings we try to separate the "professional" from the "personal". This might sometimes be needed, but may leave shadows or unspoken issues that can harm our group as a whole, or even break us up. Inviting in an experienced facilitator will create a safe, compassionate space to deal with these issues, while still keeping the peace needed to work together.

   This work can be done in many different ways; we can go into Circle work, take a Learning Journey together or hold a large events to ask and harvest the collective intelligence regarding meaningful questions. Improving team dynamics and be fun, effective and very rewarding.
Spending time and resources on the well being of our team or community is always important, but is even more important when working or volunteering in environments with a higher risk of burnout.

team Dynamics workshop , KAYMANIM, Tel Aviv University, 2014

Team Dynamics workshop , KAYMANIM, Tel Aviv University, 2014

   In 2016 I was lucky to work with Eko Project, a ground roots independent group of people who built and ran a day camp near Vassilika refugee camp in Greece. As part a longer participatory process we also worked on Team Dynamics. Here is how one of the team members describes it: 

—Arnau Llobet Gelabert, Eko Project, Greece

In this crises we are exposed to high emotional circumstances and transcendental decisions. The vulnerability of the refugees produces a huge impact to everyone and the decisions you take affects them directly making better or worse the situation they pass through. Maya brings all that together and gives everyone an opportunity to learn how to work with love and professionality. I learned how to be better - me myself, and with the team. This work makes the community exponentially stronger and effective at all levels.

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