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Maya Rimer Participation Specialist


   Any group of people working together are a living, breathing Eco-System. In this regard, an organisation, group, company or family are all the same, and the tools we can use to develop it, such as a Learning Journey or Deep Listening are similar.  

In my experience, its common for young organisations to struggle with power structure, not wanting to copy the corporate or governmental structures we might view as archaic or corrupt, but not always finding optimal alternative.

   I would not offer a specific structure, but make space for the way things are REALLY run to be seen and for different voices and suggestions to be heard and workshoped.

Open Space workshop for #occupy Activists , Israel, 2012

   We might choose to design a participatory path to a new structure, or sometime the structure does not need to change as much as it needs a new interpretation and renewed legitimacy.
This type of participatory work creates space for the individual in the group, and by enhancing our communication skills and habits throughout the organization can significantly shift organizational culture, improving the atmosphere and operations.

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